Tokyo Gas: surprise! I see! Gas World

Tokyo Gas: surprise! I see! Gas World The natural gas comes carried from anywhere Natural gas, Niigata Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, it takes in, such as Hokkaido. Because But the amount can take less, many of the natural gas used in Japan, I'll be carried stacked in a huge ship that LNG tankers from various countries overseas. Photos of the LNG tanker (energy horizon issue) LNG tanker (energy horizon issue) Of Japan's energy relies on how much import In Japan, low resources, all will not be covered only energy can take in the country. For this reason, without in our life we ​​have been imported from foreign countries the majority of energy should not be. Natural gas has been imported about from foreign countries. Domestic energy of Japan, domestically produced natural gas, hydropower, will not be only in only a few, including such as geothermal.

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